Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Innovating e-learning Event

Last week was a busy one, wasn't very well for a lot of it and had Friday off to see mum in hospital (she is out now). I aslo participated with Mark Stiles and Richard Benefer in a JISC online conference, "Innovating e-learning", we were presenting under the Supporting LifeLong Learning Theme with the presentation based on how we promote work based learning (WBL) and how our project is looking to support wbl stakeholders. We had some interesting comments/ thoughts/ outputs including:

  • Being able to point people to JORUM and SURF WBL outputs
  • Communication is vital for WBL
  • Institution tools (i.e. VLE's) are not suitable vehicles for sharing information with employers
  • Understanding and Supporting the mentor role is still difficult for some institutions
  • Ownership of Learner data - Employer or Learner owned?
  • Getting the Employer to understand:
    • The role of the FE college outside of the more traditional context (16 -19)
    • Understanding the roles of HND against Foundation Degrees
  • SME and bigger companies have different needs for training
  • Difficult to access Work Based Learners access to computers
  • Accessibility of tools being used is important
  • Sharing good practice across HE and FE is vital

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