Thursday, 18 October 2007


As we move towards the pilot phase of the project I have been talking about the experiences we have had to date with the Information Services team. Staffordshire Uni has these events where we showcase what we have been up to for the last year. It was very interesting, not only to hear peoples own views on how communication has been "managed" within work based learning and how useful the support point would be (always good to know!) but also to help clarify and summarise the experiences of the project to date. Namely:

  • Communication between institutions and employers is limited
  • Employers often feel that the institution is being paid to do a job - so why are they being asked to get involved?
  • Often we assume tutors know which employer a learner is associated with, and this is not always the case
  • Mentors are often forgotten after the start of a course
  • Setting up a foundation degree can be a long and complicated experience

Everything appears to be flying towards a positive start to the pilot with the techies working hard at resolving a number of issues around lifeRay including the difference between private / public in a community and also how to link to different communities.

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