Monday, 16 June 2008

Keeping Fit

Well the techie team has been working hard and its looking like they have the liferay performance issues licked. This was causing some problems with liferay only plodding on rather than running at full speed - giving problems for the pilot so hopefully they are now all sorted and people will no longer be experiencing a time lag in its use.
The project team meeting went well and I am pleased with the way the team is looking at different methods of keeping the employers & mentors engaged with the site, this has included two of the partners investigating sharing their attendance data with the Support Point.
I did a workshop last week at the Technology Supported Learning Conference at Staffordshire University around the Support Point. There was some interesting discussions around supporting stakeholders in WBL, and not many institutions seem to be involved in delivering the support given through the Support Point, and tutors seemed very interested in using it (or promoting the idea of it in their own institution). Hopefully the conference feedback will come back to me soon so I can use it in the ALT-C presentation.


Bryan Cheung said...

What version of Liferay are you using? We've made significant performance improvements in the last two versions.

Also Liferay out of the box is tuned for developer comfort, so caches are turned off, javascript and css packing are disabled, and the product ships with Hypersonic DB, which is not intended for production.

Fleur said...

At the moment we are just moving to 5 which is on our test server. You can see more about our work with Liferay at our technical blog: