Monday, 18 May 2009

New Version and moving forward

We now have the latest liferay software running behind the scenes of the Support Point. We are hoping that this will resolve the connection problem we were getting with users logging on with different usernames from the same computer causing liferay to break down. The new version does not look much different from the old thanks to the CSS style we have used but there does seem to be a number of interesting features that could be worth a deaper look. This includes the fact that you can now set friends, see latest activity and also see & chat to others online at the same time as you. These features seem to link to what is becoming more familiar to users from sites such as Facebook and Elgg. I wonder how we can use it in the Support Point and whether it will help or hinder take up within the university and its partner colleges. Perhaps some of these new features will allow us to think about how we handle the registration of employers and non associate lectures at the partner colleges that also support the WBL process. I have also demonstrated the site to Burton college, again, and it would be interesting to see if they pick it up as a tool that can help them with the WBL process.

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