Monday, 16 April 2007

Presentations and Use Cases

I have (fingers crossed) now finished the final report for the SURF WBL project so now I can put that project to bed, oh no how could I forget dissemination?! Have a number of events coming up relating to both the SURF WBL project and the SURF WBL-Way project. Off to Bradford this week to help contribute to a project that is planning to use the learning objects from the SURF WBL project within a personal learning space for students on Foundation Degrees. Next week involves a trip to Taunton and the week after I am spending some time in Wales. I have a number of presentations, workshops and papers to put together which is going to keep me busy. We are also planning to publicise the projects using the in house newsletter IS Connections.

SURF WBL-Way need not feel neglected - I am working hard with the LDI team to try and get a working demonstration in place for the portal. This includes getting the layout to look good and the tools to look useful. A main start was the logo selection at the last project meeting and sitting down with Sam to think about Use Cases based on the partner interviews and also on the report by AimHigher. Meanwhile the project partners are working at identifying gaps in our supporting materials to go on the portal.

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