Thursday, 5 April 2007

Spring time

Spring is in the air, portals are up and running, things are looking sunny in the project world of SURF WBL-Way.

For the last few weeks Sam and I have been looking at the employer database, now that we have spoken to the Corporate and Student information teams we have a better idea of how things fit together and can now push something to Mark and back to the Corporate information team.

The marketing team have managed to come up with a logo we are all happy with (bar the colour) so will be able to get that up on our site in the next two weeks (the marketing contact has the next week on holiday) and it can also go onto our demonstration portal. The team meeting went well, with ideas being spoken about how to get marketing involved from the different colleges, and at what stage that should happen. We spoke about getting the demo a bit more polished before showing it externally so I have two days planned with Ray to get it looking good with demo content.

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